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The Infinite Power of Pearl

Pearl creates a virtuous cycle of ever-improving customer data and marketing performance. With Pearl as your data technology solution, you are unifying data sources, creating 360 degree customer views, assembling better segments and delivering more relevant experiences across marketing channels. This is the Power of Pearl™; ever improving customer data empowering marketers to move customers along the Relationship Lifecycle™ to greater loyalty and revenue growth.

Inifinite Power Of Pearl

Pearl collects, cleanses and normalizes prospect and customer data from critical sources like your e-commerce system, CRM and ESP data.

This process ensures unified data with the highest utility within one, easy-to-use platform.


Pearl enriches your customer and prospect data using the most robust and relevant pool of demographic and social enrichment sources available to create full 360° customer views that drive mindful marketing efforts.

Pearl’s algorithmic technology dynamically assigns contacts using our patented Relationship Lifecycle™, enabling marketers to simplify and contextualize each profile.


Making sense of marketing data is daunting for most marketers.

Pearl’s user-friendly and thoughtfully designed Analytics Engine presents insightful and actionable performance metrics that generate powerful insight about customer behavior.


Pearl’s powerful and adaptive segmentation engine allows marketers to put their newfound wisdom to work. Marketers can assemble sophisticated audiences for targeted marketing efforts. With an extensive set of parameters, conditions, selects and data sets, marketers will have confidence in delivering the best messaging to their audiences.


Build smarter, more engaging campaigns with the deep insights Pearl delivers and see your database value and marketing performance improve. Deliver robust customer views across your omni-channel marketing ecosystem.

A Single Easy-to-Use Solution

Pearl was built by marketers for marketers. Every aspect of the user interface has been designed to be easy to use. In other words, we designed Pearl for ‘right brain’ and ‘left brain’ humans.

The Portfolio - Redefining KPIs

Based on customer profile data and brand interactions, Pearl intelligently segments prowp-content/uploads into groups that mimic real-life, personal relationships.

Your brand's contacts are dynamically organized within the RLC™ as Passers-by, Acquaintances, Fans, Friends and Family depending on the depth of their relationship with your brand.

Within the dashboard, toggle through key marketing metrics over specific periods of time. See top performing campaigns, top customers, changes in marketable emails count and visualize the impact migrating contacts to greater loyalty has on your database value, composition and health. Whew!

The Portfolio Redefining KPIs
Intelligent 360° Views

The Pearlfile™ - Intelligent 360° Views

Your database is enriched with order history, social, psychographic and demographic data as well as shopping behavior—including abandoned cart statistics. All of this data and insight is presented by Pearl as part of each contact view.

With Pearl, you have a 360° view of customers and prospects giving you a greater depth of understanding of everyone in your database. Now you can create truly personalized customer-centric messaging and experiences across all brand touchpoints.

A Powerful & Nimble Segmentation Engine

Pearl’s Segmentation Engine taps into your deep customer prowp-content/uploads to find the right mix of customers and prospects ripe for marketing activation.

With an extensive set of parameters, conditions and data sets, you can assemble smart audiences and have confidence in your messaging to drive conversion.

Nimble Segmentation Engine
Analytics Acumen & Metrics Mastery

Analytics Acumen & Metrics Mastery

Pearl’s user-friendly and thoughtfully designed Analytics Suite presents leaderboard KPIs and insights.

Inside the Analytics Suite, users have visibility to view key sales and marketing metrics as well as Relationship Lifecycle metrics. Examine purchases by category, time between customer purchases, cross category adoption, and the drivers of your marketable email list size.

Using Pearl's analytics, you can easily determine the variables that impact your customer database health and value.

Improving Database Health

Pearl's Database Health™ calculation examines key profile and data factors within your entire contact database to determine the current overall health of your database. This analysis identifies factors influencing your grade and recommended steps to improve database health over time.

Improving Database Health

Growing Database Value

Your customer database is your brands most important asset. Today, database value is the ultimate KPI for marketers.

By predicting the value of your database as a multiple of your revenue, marketers can better show, in real dollars, the impact of migrating prospects to customers and customers (one-time buyers) to loyal customers (multi-time buyers) using Pearl. This is marketing showing ROI.

Growing Database Value

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