Pearl is priced based on the number of contacts in your database when we load it into the platform. Pearl subscriptions are a one-year minimum and there are discounts for longer commitments.

Subscribers realize a significant ROI when calculating the impact of Pearl on incremental revenue and overall database health and value.

Yes. One of the main functions of Pearl or any quality CDP is to start with accurate data. Pearl de-duplicates and unifies variations of a customer record into a single profile. Pearl removes the noise in your data ensuring accuracy and efficacy in segmenting, targeting and personalization your marketing efforts.

Pearl enables clients to leverage key identifiers to match customer information against the deepest pools of household, social, financial, lifestyle, location and purchases intent data.

Yes. Segment building is easy in Pearl and keeping track of and updating saved segments makes testing and analysis easy. Pearl also includes the ability to add and save specific tags to individuals or groups.

Pearl is recognized by the CDP Institute as a Real CDP. As the need and benefits of CDP has grown, many traditional CRM and other technologies have repositioned themselves as a CDP, without actually making changes or feature enhancements to their technology. Hence the need to create a designation for those technologies, like Pearl, that truly deliver on the promise of CDP.

Pearl unifies all your customer data regardless of what system it exists in. The most notable sources typically include E-commerce and Email Service Provider (ESP) systems. Pearl can ingest data from ,social media, your brand’s mobile app, clienteling platforms, conversational marketing sources, customer support, POS, CRM’s, and events.

  • Customer Order
  • E-commerce
  • POS
  • CRM
  • Email campaign
  • Events
  • Web traffic
  • Social interactions
  • Mobile App
  • Clienteling
  • Conversational Mktg
  • Customer Support

Pearl integrates with any applications where your customer data is needed required to enhance your customer data and marketing effectiveness. Our API allows us to quickly connect to your most valued applications.

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Social
  • Direct Mail
  • Clienteling
  • Website
  • Personalization
  • CRM
  • Look-a-like (DMP)
  • Retargeting
  • Web App
  • Conversational Marketing
  • Customer Support

It is easy. Fill out the contact form or reach out to us directly and we will walk you through the simple onboarding process.

We offer detailed demonstrations of Pearl to prospective customers so you are comfortable with the features, functionality and fit for your business.

Pearl uses a combination of best practices to keep customer data secure. All technology is housed in data centers that comply with industry standards such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and NIST SP 800-53, for security and reliability. In addition, all data is encrypted both at rest and in transit. Passwords are also encrypted, hashed and salted.

Log in and get started. It’s all in there.

Pearl was built by marketers for marketers. Any brand that wants to make their customer data actionable will benefit greatly from Pearl.

Pearl enables marketers to better target, segment and personalize their marketing communications which yields greater performance.

Our platform is ideal for e-commerce, retail brands, content providers, and any business that wants to fully leverage its customer data.